Call for Papers

Become a speaker at ITWS 12

If you are interested in giving a presentation, poster session OR if you want to become a participant in our panel discussion, please let us know.


As we did in the past years, we want to prepare this ITWS with up to 1 keynote presentation, 9 paper sessions and a panel discussion. We would like to encourage you to take an active part at ITWS 12.

We will also have several Poster Sessions in the hotel foyer during the breaks.

Here you find our guidelines on the specs your paper and/or poster should fulfill: 


  • Your paper and/or poster should correspond with one or some of the items as listed in ITWS Table of Contents (click to download)
  • It shall NOT contain sales aspects / NOT be a general presentation of a company & all their products.
  • Please show solutions (a problem solving approach) if possible, and/or encourage the auditors to discuss a subject.
  • Please note: your material will get public at least to all participants of this workshop!
  • Don’t forget to provide a short “speaker’s introduction” and a picture of you. They will be used in the agenda (on our website). Some important milestones of your professional life would be interesting to inform the auditors at the beginning of your speech – there is no need for a full bio. 

Timeline (for presentation sessions):

  • Your presentation should take about 20 minutes.
  • Another max. 10 minutes are provided right after your presentation for questions coming from the auditors.

Format of papers: Please provide the material in MS- PowerPoint (“ppt” or “pptx”) format. It will be available as a “PDF” for all workshop participants. We encourage you to use our ITWS 12 PowerPoint Presentation Template (click to download).

Format of posters (for Poster Sessions):  We will provide you with layout guidelines for your presentation posters soon. Printing of your posters will be processed by the ITWS 12 team to ensure an even, uniform presentation quality of all Poster Sessions. We will charge a small cost-covering service fee for this.